Aluminium Frame Infrared Touch

Aluminium Frame Infrared Touch

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* Stable,no-excursion
* Can't be effected by Electrical Current, Voltage and
Static, suitable for bad condition and Environment
* High Light Transmission, up to 100%
* Anti-scratch, touch resolution reach 4096*4096, long
Life time for Usage
* Easy touch, unlimited for touch medium
*Color of Aluminum Frame: Drawbench oxidation bright black, Spray-paint silver gray
Touch Resolution: 4096*4096
Transparency: > 90%, Up to 100%
Scanning Speed: >50Scans/S
Response Speed: =5mm
Touch Intensity: Over 60,000,000 Single Point Touch
Operation System: DOS、WINDOWS9X/ME/2000/XP/2003/VISTA、LINUX
Operating Voltage: DC 5V 5%
Power Supply: Keyboard Serial Interface
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